It takes one to know one . . .

First hand experiences provide insight for jeans clients

Over the past 10 years, I have bought and sold over 25 houses all ranging in price and there are certain things that I look for when I am thinking about renovating a home. The 6 main things that I look for in all of these homes are:

  • flow of the floor plan
  • direction of the house
  • foundation quality
  • HVAC age and specs
  • roof age and quality
  • window specifications.

The first 3 cannot be changed (Flow, Direction and Foundation) and are the most important, the last 3 can be changed but usually at a significant cost. In some homes, walls can me modified or eliminated to change the flow and this can greatly improve the floor plan.

Knowing these 6 items about the house you are buying will help you make a better buying decision! And use these as key selling points if you are selling your home!

I can help you make the best decision because I have personally dealt with most situations and understand the risks involved with investment homes! Lets get started and see what we can renovate!