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Love For Tennis

To witness Jean Ryan chasing down lob shots or stroking a powerful forehand winner down the line, it’s obvious she takes her tennis seriously. And she’ll tell you so. “I enjoy that competition,” she says. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that to Jean, “competition” isn’t only about winning or losing. It’s also about pushing herself to perform at a higher level and getting the most out of herself. It’s a personal challenge, and Jean most definitely thrives on that challenge.

In many ways, Jean’s approach to tennis is a fitting indicator of her personality as a whole. She’s the type of person who enjoys challenging herself to achieve and she finishes what she starts. She’s been that way throughout her life. Not long after earning her dental hygiene degree in college, she competed for – and won – a highly sought-after position with a leading dental group in Aspen, Colorado. In that role, she had the opportunity to work with all sorts of interesting people and took great pride in always putting her patients at ease through genuine care and her friendly personality.