What the Game of Golf has done for our Family

In 2000, we moved onto a golf course lot in Plano on Gleneagles Country Club. I think we had the best lot on the course with spectacular views and a great placement between holes so that even the bad golf shots rarely came on onto our property. While we were members, my children only used the pool and had no interest in golf other than to play on the bunkers in front of our home.

After a summer league basketball game and before her Freshman year at Ursuline, our youngest daughter, Veronica, told us she was finished with basketball and wanted to play golf. What a shock to us! She began taking lessons and joined the Ursuline golf team. With a great coach, the team came alive over the next 4 years with a handful of talented girls. They won the state championship Veronica's last 2 years (and the following 4), all 5 girls played in college on scholarships.

Veronica selected Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. (They have a great business school and an excellent golf course on the campus.) After 4 years of high school golf, tons of non-school tournaments around the country and 4 years of college tournaments, we have walked a ton of golf courses. Over those 8 years we had lots of fun (hahaha and stress) following her progress.

In her junior and senior year, she worked as an intern for Jordan Spieth’s agent. After a year at an advertising agency in Dallas, with Adams Golf as their client, she decided she would like to work within the game of golf.  This past summer she was hired by Titleist, moved to New England and now works at their headquarters in Massachusetts.